Finding that dream home is an exciting undertaking. You're viewing many places that have the amenities you've been looking into for months. And now, you think you've found THE ONE! In addition to all of those dreamy details, what else should you and your agent discuss? Here are three questions to ask:

Is it properly ventilated?

Look for condensation on windows and inspect doors. Check windows and vents for bubbled or peeling paint. These are clues that moisture may be trapped in the walls and/or ceiling.

What's That Smell?

You can often smell water damage long after the standing water evaporates. Check walls and ceilings for discoloring, Look for water pipes as well, especially in unfinished basements. Rust, water stains, or leaks in exposed pipes can also indicate past issues.

Where's the Love?

Some things -- like burned-out lightbulbs or faded paint -- may seem small but can indicate previous homeowners have ignored routine home maintenance. Luckily, your home inspection should reveal any potential future issues before you buy.