Martha Wells

Martha Kincaid Wells specializes in South Baton Rouge and Prairieville Louisiana homeowners and future homeowners.  She works her real estate business based on friends, family and referrals.  She contributes her 17 years of success in the real estate market to the personal time she spent building and remodeling more than two dozen homes. In addition, her negotiating and human relationship skills were formed while working in Corporate America. 

Martha holds a BS degree from TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. After graduation, she moved to Baton Rouge and worked in Sales and Marketing for DEMCO, a local electric company. After leaving DEMCO, she worked at BellSouth Mobility in sales for several years before going back to the Louisiana Cooperatives as their State and Federal lobbyist.  She returned to AT&T in 2002. As Vice President of Corporate Sales for the Gulf States Market, she saw tremendous success receiving “Top 2% Sales Award 7 times. Her final assignment was management of cellular telecommunication for the 2016 National Political Presidential Campaign. Throughout her business career, Martha sold residential real estate which she continues to do so along with painting abstract art, cooking and traveling with her husband Luther "Buddy" Wells. Together they have 5 grandchildren.  She has been an active member in many Civic and Business Organizations.